When Pushing Forward

Entrepreneurs should always be pushing forward — pushing their skills, building up their product, developing the business model, and most importantly, pushing themselves as a person. But when you fully embrace the “keep pushing” attitude, it can be accompanied by an unwelcome psychologic side effect. You can become unaware that you are actually making any progress at all.

And that can be a motivational killer.

I have a constant thirst for improvement, both personally and for my startup. I spend much of my time looking ahead at where I want to be, gazing upon an imaginative horizon of future achievements. This can be an exceptionally driving force, but I have also noticed that this makes me feel exhausted, discouraged, and like I’m never getting closer. The “finish line” is still too far out of reach.

It’s similar to to being a child in the back seat during a family road trip, only caring about when you will be there and not appreciating each passing mile. It is both a restless and counter-productive feeling… but I’ve found a way to better alleviate the discouragement it can bring.

I consciously look behind me.

By looking back, I’m able to focus on the progress I’ve made. I can see how far I have already come, from the new knowledge I’ve acquired to the developments of my business. This awareness makes me appreciative of my efforts… I recognize the fruits of my labors.

When I look back, I know I am moving forward. And when I know I am moving, it’s much easier to keep pushing forward.

That’s what it’s all about.


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